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On Reclaiming Economics: A case for radical overhaul of Economics​

In this interview, the E4F team talks to a young academic Michelle Groenewald about her contributions in the ‘Reclaiming Economics for Future Generations’ book, where she also discusses why the democratization agenda within economics academia will remain incomplete till those aspiring for change only focus on individuals abstracted away from the knowledge, research agendas, structure and culture of economics departments, universities and the discipline as a whole.​

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Economic Perspectives on a finite Planet: In conversation with Carey W. King

Fourth in the series on biophysical economics, we talk to Prof. Carey W. King about his research goals centered on rigorous interpretations of the past to determine the most probable future energy pathways and how he attempts to reach these goals by bridging the gaps between economic and biophysical worldviews of economic growth and structural change.

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Funding climate change research in economics: Another bottleneck?

Two years ago, our journal assessment showed that economists’ response to the planetary emergency has been incommensurate with the magnitude and urgency of this crisis. Since then, other studies have added evidence to that claim (see Roos & Hoffart, 2021). In this blog piece, we examine one potential reason behind that: the lack of funding for economic research on climate change.

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